Edinburgh, Scotland

Best Season to Visit: Spring / Summer.

Reasons to Visit

  • Exploring Scotland: Though Edinburgh is a wonderful and historic city, a trip to Scotland cannot be complete without getting out into one of the islands or the Scottish highlands. EDI airport is well-connected to many European cities and Edinburgh Waverly has excellent rail links to the rest of Scotland and frequent high-speed links to London, Manchester and Birmingham among others.
  • Castles: Though tourists flock to the Edinburgh Castle, there are a few others within the city that are worth a visit (Lauriston castle & Dalhousie Castle)

Edinburgh castle from Calton Hill

  • Stare endlessly at timeless architecture: Edinburgh is one of the best cities in the world to walk around in & stare at the historic architecture that’s present in every nook & cranny of old town. It’s easy to spend an entire day with a camera to walk from Holyrood castle to Edinburgh castle to Grassmarket just taking pictures. Explore the alleys (or closes in Scotland) for hidden views.
  • Tip: Edinburgh’s Christmas is a lot of fun & a great time to see the beautiful city.

Getting Around

  • Operator: Lothian Buses
  • Airport to City Centre: 2 options, the locals take the 100 Express bus which is the faster option (20 minutes) and slightly cheaper as well. The Edinburgh tram is more comfortable but takes a bit more time (30 minutes). Tickets can be bought on board or from kiosks in the airport.
  • Intra-city Travel: A single trip costs 1.6GBP (no transfers) and a day pass costs 4GBP. Buy tickets on board. Exact change is required.
  • There exists a hop-on hop-off bus service with 5 routes that criss-cross the city. My recommendation would be to go for a day ticket instead and check our transit guide (linked below) for links between popular attractions.

Things to Do:

Spring blossoms at Royal Botanical Gardens

Spring blossoms at Royal Botanical Gardens


The Scottish weather is unpredictable to say the least. One can physically experience 4 seasons in one day. It’s on the grayer side as far as cities go with frequent intermittent drizzle. The summer is beautiful and can get up to a balmy 25C/77F. It’s a very windy city with 30 mph winds being normal, so it’s best to come armed with at least a wind-breaker. Winters have a small amount of snow and gets no colder than -4C/25F.

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