Seattle, USA

Best Season to Visit: Spring / Summer

Weather: Historically known as a very grey city, so much so that 50 Shades is based in the city. However, the past 2 years has had some exquisite weather for extended periods with summer highs reaching 30C. Winters are grey, wet and mildly windy.

Reasons to visit:

Getting Around:

  • King County Metro is the main public transit operator in Seattle with buses being the prominent mode of transportation. Bus frequencies to get around most tourist hot spots is pretty good for the US (15 mins gap between buses for the same route)
  • The core part of downtown is quite walkable like most US cities but for a number of attractions, I recommend taking the bus.
  • Use the Sound transit link light rail to get to downtown from the airport (35 mins, 20 mins in a taxi). If staying for a few days, I recommend getting an Orca card topped up with $10-15 per person for a weekend which will make transferring buses easier.
  • Seattle Transit Blog¬†provides a useful guide for visitors on how get get an Orca card from Seatac airport. It also has it’s own transit guide for some attractions that complement this blog’s transit guide.

Food and Drink

Foodies are spoilt for choice in Seattle. Period.

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