That story about losing your passport

Dear Reader,

Losing passports in a foreign country is undoubtedly a daunting experience, one which both Dalek and I are familiar with, obviously. I was once voted “Most likely to end up in Antarctica with a Camel” and Dalek is well, Dalek, so it’s hard to imagine us living a life where we have never lost the most important ID, to be honest. Between the two of us, we have damaged/lost our respective passports (containing visas) twice. For a tl;dr, skip to the Bottomline.

The first time was during our trip to Cannon Beach, USA back in 2014, when Dalek ended up getting his passport soaked. This happened while we were walking back to our hotel amidst an amber-alert-worthy raging storm because Carpe Diem. We were supposed to move countries within a month at the time, and hence had no time in hand for the process of applying for a replacement. Fortunately, we got out of the USA and into the UK with minimal hassle after we provided a detailed description of our predicament to each person who checked our passports along the way. One passport control officer stared at us in utter disbelief as we struggled awkwardly with our heavy bags and headphones, “You soaked your passport in a storm?”. I’ve never seen such hopeless disappointment, not even in my parents’ eyes.

After settling down a bit in the UK, Dalek judiciously applied for a new passport. However, it is not possible to cut and paste the visa page. Hence, Dalek trots around the world with 2 passports – one valid passport with no visa and one invalid passport with a valid visa – while happily fielding suspicious glances from border control.

The second time was when someone recently broke into our home and stole stuff, including my passport. I was enraged. You see, after Dalek’s illustrious, eventful passport loss, I was expecting to damage/lose mine while having an adventure of some sorts. Instead, the universe handed me a run of the mill break-in, that too without a heroic confrontation with the villainous intruder.

After steadily cursing the thief for hours, I finally calmed down and applied for a replacement passport. After getting a replacement, I will have to apply for a replacement visa. And oh, did I mention, I can’t travel overseas till I get both these documents.

Bottomline: Dalek will always have the cooler story about losing his passport. SIGH.



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2 thoughts on “That story about losing your passport

  1. mistynites says:

    Having just had the lost passport panic myself I get this. I’m the same: an immigrant living on a foreign passport so losing it always means passport replacement then visa replacement – double the time and double the cost. Was very relieved to find it after an extensive search.


    • yodandalek says:

      We are really glad you found your passport after your search 🙂 🙂 Our process took 4 months! We eventually did get to see Yoda’s passport again, the thief dumped the bag containing the passport a few doors down where it soaked in the Scottish rain for a couple of months.

      With the deep reach of technology, phone fingerprint scanning & cloud-based storage, nothing would make us happier than a digital passport implementation. Maybe in our generation?


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