Atlanta, USA

Best Time to Visit: Anytime except winter.

Reasons to Visit:

  • The Georgia aquarium: It may sound weird to list an aquarium as the No. 1 reason to visit a city but believe us when we say that the Georgia Aquarium is not just any aquarium. It is the world’s 2nd largest aquarium containing 10 MILLION gallons of water. It’s a massive complex with hundreds of types of marine life. It’s totally worth the price of admission & is an entire day’s worth of activities, even for adults. The largest display is just awe-inspiring, we stood in front of it gaping for a few minutes before sitting down nearby still agape.
IMG_0347 copy

These folk are not watching a giant TV screen

IMG_20131202_113728 copy

A segment of one of the large tanks

IMG_20131202_143458 copy

All sorts of marine life, big & small


Albino alligator, a rare species

  • Tip: Atlanta has a CityPass too which I highly recommend if you have the time.
  • Tip: If not getting the CityPass, buy Aquarium tickets online for a discount (currently 20%) as the prices at the door are pretty steep ($40.95+tax). Online Ticket Options.
  • Tip: There are scheduled feeding times for many of the species (sting ray, penguins, etc). These sessions are informational even for us as adults. Highly recommend seeing a few.
IMG_20131202_141547 copy

Sting ray feeding, the rays can be pet too


Old school coke vending machines


The colorful lobby


Around 1/4th of the beverages on offer

  • Roam around the bustling city : For many folk living in the SEC states (Dalek was one of them), Atlanta airport is a frequently used transfer airport. However, the city definitely deserves a visit in it’s own right as it has a busy Downtown area, fantastic skyline, good food & a number of attractions to visit. CNN Center & the Olympic Park right in the Downtown area are good to explore if you have a few hours to kill. We have a soft spot for ATL as we spent our 1st Anniversary there as part of a large trip.
IMG_1970 copy

Festive ATL in Nov

Food & Drink:

  • Dalek’s close friend lived in Atlanta when we last visited & he took us to some local favorites. Dalek & his friend love Korean food having lived in Seoul for 2 months & knowing that, we all went to Honey Pig which was the best Korean BBQ we’ve had in the USA (probably LA Koreatown may be better). Only problem is that this place needs to be driven to (30 mins from Downtown ATL).
IMG_1976 copy

Our BBQ pan being prepped

  •  Another local favorite our friend took us to was Cafe Intermezzo, a European style coffee & cake shop with a really good selections of cake slices to choose from. Located conveniently at Peachtree street in Downtown & at ATL Airport, Concourse B.
  • Finally, a trip to ATL is incomplete for a non-SEC state native without eating Chick-Fil-A. Dalek somehow managed to live his entire Seattle life without a Chick-Fil-A with great difficulty. Atlanta is the HQ to this great southern fast food staple. Another chain we really like that has a branch in Atlanta is Benihana, our go to for Hibachi in the USA.

Getting In & Around:

  • ATL is a major Delta hub. Fly in using Delta.
  • Your best bet is to use the Marta railway to get to Downtown from the airport, stay at a hotel / AirBnB in Downtown & use the Marta to get around the city centre.
  • The Peachtree Centre station on the Red & Gold line drop you at the heart of Downtown near most attractions.
  • Single tickets cost $2.50 & you’ll need $2 to get a Breeze card to load the ticket on. If taking 8 or fewer journeys, opt for a Breeze paper ticket for $1. More info.

WeatherDo not visit in the deep winter months, we had missed a connection one Jan night & our friend rescued us but we all froze our butts off. We miss him, hope he visits Europe & we meet again.

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P.S.: Featured downloaded from as we did not have a good skyline pic & needed to have one to feature ATL. Also we did not have our best camera on this trip so the pics aren’t the best.

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