Visiting Perthshire, Scotland – Part 3 (Dunkeld & Birnam)

The third & currently final part of the Visiting Perthshire series takes us to the twin villages of Dunkeld & Birnam. It’s a fantastic day trip with the fall colours in full view. The top attraction in that area is definitely the Hermitage walk IMO & we’ll lead off with a small 7 second video to show why (jumping salmon at bottom-right of video in the first 3 seconds).

I visited this waterfall during August at the onset of salmon season in fall. The fish jumping into the waterfall are wild salmon. Boy is the sight amazing. The best part was that I also saw many salmon jumping out of nowhere in the middle to the river Tay. This particular day of travel was like living in a Nat Geo documentary featuring Scotland IRL.


Ossian’s hut

After seeing the Hermitage & walking around that beautiful area, both villages of Dunkeld & Birnam (which are on either side of river Tay) are worth a look.

Other Dunkeld & Birnam Attractions

The river Tay: A mighty river flowing between the two villages with trees lined up on both sides.

The Dunkeld Cathedral: A beautiful & peaceful cathedral in a very picturesque riverside location. Our pictures are not doing it justice.


The Dunkeld Cathedral

Beatrix Potter Museum: Anyone who has read the children’s book series Peter Rabbit knows who Beatrix Potter is. She grew up in this area & you can see the Scottish influence port over to the characters & stories she wrote.


Peter Rabbit & Friends at Beatrix Potter museum

The Birnam OakOne of the oldest (supposedly 300 years old) & most famous trees in Scotland. It’s a short, pleasant walk from the Birnam village centre.

Food & Drink

No visit to this area can be complete without picking up some Dunkeld Smoked Salmon. I got a couple of packs for home of the whisky smoked salmon I believe, so delicious. I also got takeout cake at the Spilled Beans cafe, it’s a pretty cozy coffee and cake place.

Public Transport Logistics

This region is easily accessible by public transport both by rail (some ScotRail trains from Glasgow / Edinburgh to Inverness stop at Dunkeld & Birnam station) as well as Scottish CityLink buses towards Inverness. The Hermitage walk is 40 minutes from the station but it’s a picturesque walk. 🙂

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