A fun day at Universal Orlando

This is another throwback post, this time to our anniversary that was spent in Florida. We spent a day at Universal Islands of Adventure, Orlando (not to be confused with Universal Studios next door). It was a colorful (or more correclty, colourful) day spent in one of the most visited theme parks in the world. This post mostly consists of pictures from that day.


Get a hotel to stay close to the parks: You’ll be walking a lot the whole day and spent by the end. Having a hotel close to the parks helps you get in early and into bed without tiring more.

Get into the park early: Like most amusement parks, get there before the lines get long.

Go to the Harry Potter bit first if you’re a Potterhead: Our fav part of the park and also the most crowded. It’s also in the centre of the park so it might be worth heading straight in.



Direction signs for Potterheads


Prof. Flitwicks Frog Choir


For all your magical candy needs


Bertie Bott’s Every flavour beans!!


For all your magical postage needs


Festive magic?




Just outside the parks


Ended the day at the other famous park – Epcot + Disney

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