That time when you hiccuped for an hour in Washington State

Time for another Yolek travel story. Till date we’ve lost our passports and thrown up on a boat in Florida but were woefully underprepared for visiting the fiery depths of hell in cool and placid Washington state of all places.

So let’s place ourselves in Yolek’s shoes spending a long weekend at the faux-Bavarian village of Leavenworth, WA. The summer weather is nice and warm, the nature that surrounds the village is gorgeous and the pleasant evening breeze invited travelers like us to take a leisurely stroll through town. Stumbling from one souvenir store to another, we find a store specializing in selling hot sauces. The selection was the most varied that we’d ever seen as evidenced below.


Dr. Assburn will take you to another Doctor

Now we pause for a second to peek into Dalek’s mind. His robotic nature is most evident in certain facets of life such as eating spicy food. He exclusively bought Habanero peppers from Pike Place Market to use in his cooking because all other peppers available in the market weren’t hot enough. Of course he regretted touching his eyelids while he cooked but pain was for the weak. His eyes were immediately drawn to this sign in the store.


Much warnings, wow

“Ooh a hot food challenge, how hot can this sauce possibly be”. Dalek should have gotten a hint when he saw that the only way to taste it was with a pretzel stick. So he picked one up, smothered it with sauce and took a big-ass bite.

First 5 seconds nothing and then the pain shot up from the lips to the tongue and made its way to the brain numbing it completely. Another 5 seconds later, the hiccups began. Loud and jumpy (each hiccup caused Dalek to jump a little). Dalek screamed for milk. Lo and behold, the store sold varieties of milk (of course) for people stupid enough to try this sauce. “I’ll take (hic) 2 of the Darigold chocolate (hic) milk, thank you”. Yoda tried to console him but his ears were numb as well.

It took an hour and 2 additional bottles of water before Dalek’s head cleared again and the hiccups stopped. Sticking his tongue out to feel the pleasant evening breeze might have helped towards the goal. A lesson was learnt never to try hot food challenges ever again (which was broken in a few years). Here’s the specific sauce’s close up which we are sure are Satan’s tears.


Pain has a pretty hefty price tag

Note: Do visit Leavenworth if you’re are WA native or visiting Seattle for an extended period, its the subject of our next blogpost & is a beautiful spot to spend 2-3 days.

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