Palawan, Philippines: A dream honeymoon destination

We recently spent 4 days in Palawan, Philippines (across El Nido & Puerto Princesa) to celebrate our wedding anniversary and the trip ended up being like a second honeymoon. So we thought we’ll share a photo essay on why we think Palawan is a dream destination for a honeymoon / romantic getaway.

Diversity of romantic locations

The island of Palawan is both remote and exotic, both important parameters for a honeymoon. We feel the diversity of the islands sights is the strong suit of Palawan. Where island hopping (which is surreal but done with a group) is a big draw, there’s as many quiet spots around the island to catch a sunrise / sunset together or chill out at the beach. Perfect for conversations and sweet nothings.


A cloudy evening looks like a painting from Honda Bay

Adventures galore

A good way to stoke the flames of a romance is to go on adventures together, things you’ll fondly reminisce about for years to come. Palawan is home to activities like snorkeling with starfish, kayaking through lagoons, island hopping to reach white sand beaches with turquoise water and even boat rides through underground rivers.


Underground river boat ride at Puerto Princesa Underground River National Park

The finest food, drink & stay

Palawan caters to all budgets for the human needs of food, drink and stay (checkout the elnidoresorts@ pic below to see the higher end of the spectrum). Our El Nido resort Lio Villas (who we highly recommend) made our anniversary day extra special by decorating our bed in such a romantic way. Both hotels (the other being Floral Villarosa) we stayed in had excellent pools for lounging around in. We also partook in some of the best seafood we’ve had in a while at Badjao seafront restaurant as well as at Nacpan beach with views to die for.


Anniversary special decorations @ Lio Villas Resort, El Nido


The chill pool at Lio Villas Resort


Charcoal grilled Lapu-Lapu & huge prawns at Badjao Seafront, Puerto Princesa


View from our table at Badjao Seafront


Seafood spread at Nacpan beach

Romantic long drives

Taking scooter rides across Palawan to get to the many spots seen above added to the romance factor. We took scooter rides in the rain, through tropical scenery and coastal areas & even raced against the sun to get to a beach before sunrise. We highly recommend renting out a scooter / motorcycle to drive around in with your better half.


Racing against the sun in Puerto Princesa city


Our Honda Scoopy getting a rain bath, we did too ❤

Ease of getting in & around

If you’re splurging for a special occasion, you have the option of flying from Manila / Cebu to El Nido directly on Air Swift. But even for the rest, there are affordable flights run by AirAsia & Cebu Pacific to get to Puerto Princesa. The honeymoon begins from the air itself as flying over Palawan gets you excited to visit the islands you see from the air.


We had the most amazing anniversary in Palawan & hope that sharing our pictures and experiences will get other couples to visit this beautiful part of the world. Drop us a comment or a message on Facebook if you’d like to ask us any specifics about our experience or to share your experience of Palawan with us.

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