Birmingham, England: A European Christmas Special

Regardless of Brexit, the UK remains a country within the continent of Europe and will always remain so. 😊 Birmingham, UK claims to be the home of the largest Christmas market outside Germany & Austria (whose Christmas we have covered for Munich & Salzburg) so we visited it’s Frankfurt Christmas market for the second year in a row. It’ll be running till the 29th of December this year so there’s still time for a visit.

Market pictures

Victoria square, the setting of the market


Main stand of the market


Colourful carousel


Hill St. decorations

The Christmas market looks the part of an authentic German market with around 180 stalls selling the “usual” Christmas market fare. For our non-European readers, here’s a pictorial walkthrough of what’s sold in a European Christmas market.

Crafts & Trinkets

Mostly wooden candle-holders & puzzles, painted glass candle holders, jewelry, coffee mugs and bath products.


The Shining


Beautiful candle holders

Food & Drink

There are some staples of substantial Christmas market fare that we eat every year are Gluhwein aka Mulled Wine,Weißbier aka Wheat beer, Currywust (cut up sausage with curry sauce) and half-metre Bratwurst which is the biggest sausage we’ve seen. The sausage cooking pit is nice & warm to stand next to for the colder days.


Mmm mulled wine


Wurst pit


Half-metre Bratwurst, Yoda’s hands for scale

You’ll also get a lot of snacks like flavoured nuts, flavoured coffee beans, crepes, fudge & chocolate covered fruit (a couple of them pictured below).


Coated almonds & sweet treats



Round it off with a Christmas eve meal & a walk

We moved to the UK around 2.5 years back and one thing we’ve sorely missed is high-quality sushi / sashimi at a non bank-breaking price (Seattle was so good for that). We finally found our saviour, Otoro Sushi in the Bullring Indoor market. We had a small sashimi set, topped up well with 3 types of fish roe. But the star was Sea Urchin gunkan, guys we finally got access to sea urchin again (one of our favourites). It wasn’t Seattle level good, but by far the best in the UK (meaning not meh). IT’S A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE, YOU GUYS!


3 types of roe complement our sashimi


The heavenly uni (sea urchin) was an explosion of flavour

We also caught some real sunlight on the cathedral next to Bullring (St. Martin in the Bull Ring). A fitting end to our Christmas eve out. A very merry Christmas to the blogosphere, we’ve not been here for even a year but being on WordPress has enriched our lives for the better.  ❤


Last light of Christmas Eve

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