Top 5 Romantic things to do in Lisbon, Portugal

We’ve already declared that we find Lisbon to be one of Europe’s most romantic cities, right up there with Paris. In this post, we share our top things to do in the city and how we found each activity romantic.

Top tip: The 48 hour Lisboa card is excellent value and easily covers its 31.50 EUR price tag if you’ve visiting multiple attractions. Highly recommended!!


The city is beautiful even on a wet & windy day


So many vantage points are littered across the city

Top 5 romantic things to do

Visit the Manueline attractions of Belem

Both the Jeronimo Monastery & the Tower of Belem deserve their place at the top of the TripAdvisor rankings. They are architectural masterpieces with so much detail engraved into every corner, literally! The cathedral at Jeronimos monastery has free entry and is a must-visit (the high ceiling and pillars are really something). However, we highly recommend visiting the cloisters (pictured below). Climbing the Belem tower’s narrow & winding staircases enroute to some spectacular views is an experience onto itself!


Belem tower with a natural frame


The Cloisters courtyard


Perfect for sweeping walks & sweet nothings

Getting lost walking in the city

Lisbon is probably the most colourful city we have been to. We can attribute that mostly to the seemingly infinite types of tiles adorning the city’s houses. The colour combines with the historic neighbourhoods (such as Alfama & Bairro Alto) to create the perfect city to walk aimlessly through. If you’re short on time, we highly encourage walking detours, especially in the Alfama area (one end of the tram 28 line). Its great content for your Instagram accounts 😉


The party district of Bairro Alto in the daytime


One of our favourite pictures taken at Alfama


Even the birds seem to enjoy the Lisbon scenery

Visit the national tile museum

Even if you are the kind of person that does not like museum, we’d still ask that you consider visiting the National Tile Museum which is a short bus ride from the old town. Not only does it showcase a wide range of tiles spanning centuries, it is also home to a beautiful chapel adorned with gold and flaunting paintings that look like they’re painted on canvas but are actually tiles! We find experiencing new cultures together romantic and the tile museum is a great place to learn about Portugal.


Time & tile wait for no one


The paintings on the two sides are actually tiles!


A picturesque courtyard inside the museum

Tip: Though not a museum, also visit the world’s most expensive chapel at Sao Roque church.

Take a daytrip to Sintra / Cascais

As the weather was not the sunniest, we chose to take a daytrip to Sintra, home to 4 major palaces / castles. We went to the Pena Palace to round off our Valentine’s day weekend in a Romanticist castle. The palace & the grounds were a wonderful place to walk around in and even the museum gave us a taste of what it was to live here. Highly recommended as a daytrip (we spent 4 hours there).


The opulent dining room

We saw Lisbon from 3 elevated viewpoints: the Arco Triunfal da Rua Augusta, the Elevador de Santa Justa (at night) and the Sao Jorge castle (in the day). Our favourite viewpoint has to be the Rua Augusta arch, it is half the price of the elevator and you get to see a mechanical clock as well as detailed statues from up close as a bonus. The castle view was also really nice (featured at the top). We took a lot of views together, it was great ❤


A Lisbon dusk from the top of the Rua Augusta arch


Rossio square seen from the elevator at night

Eating your way through Lisbon

We had some spectacular meals / food items across Lisbon which we’ll enumerate (with prices) along with pictures. And as a (wo)man’s heart is through their stomach, these meals were essentially dates.

  1. Best meal: Black pork with tomato rice at Restaurante Cantinho Do Bem Estar (20 EUR for 2 people).DSCF4131_1
  2. Shellfish including giant tiger shrimp, scarlet shrimp & barnacles at Cervejaria Ramiro (90 EUR for 2 people with wine)dscf3723c
  3. Mirandesa steak and Azeitão Cheese with pumpkin & walnut jam at Carvoaria Jacto (30 EUR for 2 people)
  4. Port wine from the Duoro region of Porto with dark chocolate at Solar do Vinho do Porto (25 EUR for 4 glasses of fancy port and a bar of chocolate).DSCF4170_1
  5. Egg tar at Pasteis de Belem (< 2 EUR per tart)dscf3813c
  6. Cod fish cake (1 EUR), available in snack bars across the cityDSCF3981_1c

Getting around & Lisboa card details

As mentioned before, the Lisboa card is great value for money and allows free entry into many Lisbon attractions and discounted entry at others. We used our Lisboa cards to travel across the city by bus, metro & tram. Here are some notes.

  • The tram is surprisingly fast and the best mode of transport in Lisbon. If your journey can be done in a tram, pick that over a bus (which is slower).
  • Cost of attractions without using Lisboa card worth €31.50 = €36 (€12.30 for 2x day passes + €2.20 for one-way Sintra + €2.5 Rue Augusta arch + €5 Tile Museum + €12 Belem attractions + €2 castle discount)
  • Take the tram 15 from Praca de Comercio to get to Belem.
  • The metro is a great way to get to the city centre from the airport. Beware of reduced frequency (one train in 15 minutes) on the weekends.
  • Take the tram 28 atleast once! Also take the Gloria funicular atleast once, it drops you off in front of the Port Wine bar. 🙂

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