Where to eat in Naples, Italy over a weekend

We did a handful of weekend city break trips across Europe this year and enjoying local food & drink is one activity we both partake in no matter how short a trip is. Naples is heaven for seafood lovers. Of course, we had Neopolitan pizza in the heart of Naples atleast once a day but there is a lot more to offer and we hope this list of food items and locations that we hit up in less than 48 hours help for other whistle stop travellers.


Neopolitan pizzas at the ready


Mussels pasta – a Neopolitan speciality

Top tip: Get an AirBnb in the historic centre of Naples (Centro Storico) as it not only has some really good traditional food joints but is also a very charming part of Europe to base your stay in. May we suggest the AirBnb we rented, a flat with 2 bedrooms with AC, wonderful location and hosts. (get £25 off your first AirBnb trip)


Charming Central Naples

Bonus top tip: Unless you have a real hankering for one of the famous pizza chains where you will be waiting for a bare minimum of 30 mins, we recommend giving the hyped La Michele, Sobrillo, etc a miss. Food vloggers on Youtube can confirm. And any pizzeria that has pizzas for more than €8 cannot be trusted. Carry cash in hand.

1. Tandem Ragù (TripAdvisor)

This top rated takeaway (with a few tables) is surprisingly also the most value for money and a huge hit with university students. The M.O. is simple, the star of all their dishes is their Ragù – a Neopolitan tomato and meat sauce that is cooked for 6-8 hours till the meat is tender and all its rich flavour permeates the sauce (Wiki).

We chose to get Gnocchi with smoked Provola cheese with the Ragù and the portion lasted us two meals! And, as one would expect, both the Gnocchi and the smoked provola were high quality and complemented the sauce. Best part, it cost €6. Genuinely a MUST-EAT.


The Ragu itself is a stunner and elevates any pasta it is enjoyed with. With a side of fried goodness.


Proof of affordability. Also, how does Vegan Ragu make sense?

AddressVia Mezzocannone 7580100

2. Pizzeria Di Matteo (TripAdvisor)

Our first proper Neopolitan pizza and it was a doozy. We stood confused for a bit not knowing where to place our order but we managed to get a lovely pizza to take away to our AirBnb next door. And it was genuinely really nice, the dough, the cheese, the olive oil, all perfect.

Address: Via Dei Tribulani 94, 80138

3. Pizzeria I Decumani (TripAdvisor)

Close second in our two pizza race, a Neopolitan pizzeria with friendly and helpful staff which made another top quality pizza fresh out of the oven.

Tip: Most pizzerias also sell fried goodies such as arancini for late night munchies. We bought them with pizza from this joint. 

Address: Via Del Tribunali 58

4. Mazz for its Baba (TripAdvisor)

We asked a close Italian friend for what food Naples is famous for and he mentioned that desserts are what the South of Italy is known for and named Pastiera and Baba. We bought two varietals of Baba from Mazz for breakfast, one plain and one pista cream. Both were sweet, boozy and delicious. They are also pretty big so we’d recommend sharing one to limit sugar intake 😛 

5. Lunch at Osteria Mattozzi (TripAdvisor)

Although the interiors (and perhaps the price by a smidgen) are a bit more upscale from our Rome Osteria experiences, the seafood emphasis on the local cuisine was evident in the menu. We had some fried fish, octopus & potato salad, a fish croquette, Puttanesca and a joint of beef with Ragu paired with a couple of glasses of house wine. The meal cost just under €50. All dishes were above par with the Octopus salad being the pick. Exceptionally friendly staff as well.


Cute plates to serve the beef with ragu and octopus salad

Address: Piazzetta Arcangelo Scacchi, 9/19, 80100

6. Gelato at Valenti (Facebook)

This seems to be a very new gelataria very close to the Decumani pizzeria but it has a wide variety and, more importantly, both the Sicilian Cassata (what we called Tutti Frutti back in India) and Double Pistachio flavours. €2 a cup and highly recommended.


Sicilian Cassata (bottom) and Double Pistachio – lots of yum

Address: Via dei Tribunali, 53

7. Seafood at I Sapori della Pescheria Azzurra (TripAdvisor)

Lastly, we had a hankering for another Neopolitan speciality – Mussels pasta (one of our featured images). To be quite honest, it was a bit underwhelming but the hyper-fresh (due to also being a fishmonger) mixed fried fish made up for it (a huge portion costs only €5 for takeaway). We had some jealousy pangs when we saw the range of fresh fish for sale and the prices.


Mixed fried fish – very fresh


Address: Via Portamedina 4 | Presso ospedale dei pellegrini80134

Bonus: Supermercado Gran Gusto

We always try to buy some goodies for cooking with for back home in the UK and stumbled upon a large food supermarket near the ferry terminal called Gran Gusto. We stocked up on some guincale (finally), chocolate, parma ham and cheese.

Do you have recommendation on where to eat on our next visit? Or strong opinions on any of our picks above? Sound off on the comments. We’ll sign off with a teaser for our Naples sightseeing post with an image that shows another Italian passion – football.


There are so many shrines to Diego Maradona (who played for FC Napoli) in this coffee bar

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2 thoughts on “Where to eat in Naples, Italy over a weekend

    • yodandalek says:

      We know that feeling, there is always an inertia for when you live somewhere that you’ll get around to seeing nearby areas as they are so close but its only when you know you’ll be leaving soon that a frenetic pace picks up (our last 2-3 month in the US were like that). We know a lot more about UK travel than within India for the same reason.

      On a sidenote, flights to Europe are getting progressively more expensive for us the last couple of years. Monarch shutting down was really bad news for BHX based flyers (there’s already limited RyanAir and EasyJet flying out from here)


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