Beyond Our Horizons Weekly Travel Roundup: Wk 2 feat. Denmark

Dalek spent 4 days (9th-12th Jan) in Copenhagen, Denmark as part of a “Business Insights in Europe” trip. The country’s commitment to sustainability (the focus of our trip) is pretty remarkable but there are a few tips and highlights worth checking out for any traveller. Many more pictures and details will be filled in when the main blogpost is written.

Top tip: Consider getting the Copenhagen Card if you are in town for 48 hours or more. The 24 hour card is a bit difficult to make worth at its price point. It covers all the public transport modes which is a big plus.

Copenhagen Highlights

Nyhavn (New Harbour)

The most iconic view in the whole city, for sure. The weather was far from ideal during our visit but the colourful buildings are quite a sight to behold. Definitely, a must-visit in the summer months and not too far from the Christiansborg Palace (a 10 min walk away).


What a beautiful view!

Christiansborg Palace

This palace (which was rebuilt after a fire burnt down the original building in the 1700s) is home to a few fascinating attractions including the Tower (the view is free and fully accessible), Royal Reception Rooms, Kitchen, Ruins and Stable. Some of my favourite bits are the Queen’s tapestry room, her library and the copper pots and pans in the kitchen.


One of the many excellent tapestries (this one contains world leaders)

Rosenborg Palace

Worth visiting to see the crown jewels. This palace closes at 3 PM in the winter months so make sure that you plan a visit around lunch. This palace is also quite old as King Christian IV actually lived in it.

The Lagkagehuset chain

Top coffee and healthy rye bread sandwiches which were relatively reasonably priced for Copenhagen. Highly recommend stepping into one instead of a Starbucks for an on-the-go coffee.

Kopenhagen Port

Although Dalek left seeing the Little Mermaid and Tivoli gardens to a future joint trip with Yoda, the port area has some interesting structures to check out including a Transformers like statue and the St. Albans church.


St. Albans Church near the port


Iron Giant

The city’s architecture

The architecture and vibe of the city is genuinely very charming IMO. Strongly encourage walking around the city centre if you can afford the time for views like these.


CPH is very cyclist friendly


If this house could tell its stories

Week 3 Lookahead

Staying in London so look forward to some local favourites that we stumble across over the week.

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