Top restaurants in European cities (ranked by Yolek) – Part 2

This is Part 2 of our favourite restaurants in Europe covering Germany, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria and Italy. Do check out Part 1 as well covering countries to the West of these (France, UK, Iceland, etc). Leave a comment at the end with your favourite restaurants in any of these cities. Italy Rome The Netherlands … Continue reading Top restaurants in European cities (ranked by Yolek) – Part 2

A day in Cologne, Germany

We were in Germany for a city break mostly based in Dusseldorf and visited the city of Cologne on a daytrip. Here are our highlights of the city (feat. beer, an awe-inspiring cathedral and more). The cathedral - a must visit Right across the Kรถln Central station is one of the world's best examples of … Continue reading A day in Cologne, Germany

Munich, Germany: A European Christmas Special

We've written previously about the first White Christmas of our lives spent in Bavaria. With many travelers heading to Munich for Christmas, we thought we'd writeup about our trip & experiences. Apologies in advance for potato-cam pics ๐Ÿ˜› Things to do Christmas Market at Marienplatz: Let's get the obvious stuff out of the way. Marienplatz … Continue reading Munich, Germany: A European Christmas Special

Our White Christmas 2014

Christmas is fast approaching and planning for where to go during the holiday season is in full swing. As the Yolek household is planning this year's Christmas trip, we thought we'd share the story of our favourite Christmas so far. Background: We grew up in a tropical country with hot summers & warm winters. Our … Continue reading Our White Christmas 2014