Top restaurants in European cities (ranked by Yolek) – Part 1

Caveat emptor: This is a list compiled from our travels around Europe which are not comprehensive by any means. However, we have come across some absolute gems across our travel and want to share these with you. Picked on the basis of the taste and are mostly non-fancy places (and can be a dessert place … Continue reading Top restaurants in European cities (ranked by Yolek) – Part 1

the Ploumanach beach in Brittany

Top 7 Incredibly Beautiful Villages in Europe *

We have been extremely lucky to see a fair amount of (*western) Europe since moving to the UK so we set out to select 7 of the most beautiful villages we've encountered in our European travels. In line with the socio-political climate, the UK is still part of Western Europe ­čśŤ We try to make … Continue reading Top 7 Incredibly Beautiful Villages in Europe *

Barcelona itinerary – Europe cityhopping Day 1

New type of post, feedback welcome. Tickets bought 48 hour Hola Barcelona card Itinerary 8:40 AM - 9 AM:┬áTravel from Placa del Centre to Liceu (metro L3) for La Boqueria food market 9 AM - 10 AM:┬áBreakfast, fruit juices & a stroll through the awesome food market. 10 AM - 10:10 AM:┬áTravel from Liceu to … Continue reading Barcelona itinerary – Europe cityhopping Day 1

Barcelona & Girona, Spain

Best time to visit: Summer & surprisingly spring (we visited in Feb). Reasons to visit: Catch up culturally:┬áThe whole region is a┬ácultural hub with the Dali Museum in Figueres & the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona being the most famous examples. Salvador Dali is one of the most famous painters that ever existed to seeing to … Continue reading Barcelona & Girona, Spain

South Mallorca, Spain

Best Time to Visit: Spring (for the Almond blossoms) or Summer. Note: Northern Mallorca is the beach part of the island which we haven't visited yet. This post covers the south that contains the largest town Palma de Mallorca and scenic┬áplaces nearby. Reasons to Visit Mediterranean Sea &┬áSunshine: It's no wonder Mediterranean Sea hotspots have … Continue reading South Mallorca, Spain