Las Vegas, USA

Best Time to Visit: Not during peak summer i.e. not June - Aug Reasons To Visit: Take a Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour: It's a bit funny how our top reason to visit Vegas is not in the city proper. Las Vegas provides an excellent (albeit a bit pricey) opportunity to see one of the most unique … Continue reading Las Vegas, USA

Key West, USA

Best Time to Visit: Summer, duh. Reasons to Visit: Sun, Sand & Sea: The Florida Keys (named so because they are a coral cay archipelago) are home to some of the best beaches not only in Florida but in the continental USA. Key West is the largest town at the very south an indeed has the Southernmost point … Continue reading Key West, USA

Seattle, USA

Best Season to Visit: Spring / Summer Weather: Historically known as a very grey city, so much so that 50 Shades is based in the city. However, the past 2 years has had some exquisite weather for extended periods with summer highs reaching 30C. Winters are grey, wet and mildly windy. Reasons to visit: Iconic … Continue reading Seattle, USA