The other side of Bohol, Philippines

Dear Reader, This is going to be an emotional, somewhat rambly post, possibly depressing. But this experience has affected me deeply, so please bear with me as I come to terms with it in the only way I know how: by writing about it. As many of you know, we visited Bohol on Day 7 … Continue reading The other side of Bohol, Philippines

A day trip to Bohol, Philippines (Day 7)

Day 7 Destination We flew from Manila to Tagbilaran on the island of Bohol for a day trip on the island. We had pre-booked a tour with Bohol Travel Buddy that had a set itinerary as mapped below. Costed 1500 PHP per person in a comfortable private car. Top tip As mentioned before in our … Continue reading A day trip to Bohol, Philippines (Day 7)

Katara’s Trip to the Philippines

First guest post! Katara, our dearest friend, flew all the way from Singapore to meet us in Philippines during the last leg of our trip. Being the awesome person that she is, she brought lots of delicious snacks, extra earrings and her signature sense of humour with her. All the memories we have of Philippines … Continue reading Katara’s Trip to the Philippines