Day 3: See the real Lake District by Bus in 1 day

The NW Explorer ticket offered by Stagecoach (shown below) is the most powerful bus day-ticket we have ever seen for the sheer coverage it provides. Below is the map of the UK with the blue lines representing a broad coverage of the NW explorer ticket. This single ticket covers 10% of the country including the entirety … Continue reading Day 3: See the real Lake District by Bus in 1 day

Kolkata Public Transit Guide

Travelling within most major Indian cities is difficult if you are not local to that city & Kolkata is not an exception. Infact with the multitude of public transit options in Kolkata, there is a higher chance of getting confused on how to get around. But if you know your way around the options available … Continue reading Kolkata Public Transit Guide

A Weekend in Yorkshire & Derbyshire, England

In an attempt to travel to parts of the UK not called London or Scotland, we made plans to visit some bits of the Yorkshire & Derbyshire region, lead by the city of York & the Peak District National Park. We had a lot of fun in both places as the former is a romantic & charming … Continue reading A Weekend in Yorkshire & Derbyshire, England

11 Seattle Things To Do By Public Transit

Skip to How to Use Seattle Public Transit, if needed Go Atop the Space Needle The Space Needle is a Seattle icon & offers sweeping views of the city & Puget sound on a clear day. It is part of the Seattle Centre complex that also includes other attractions mentioned in 2 & 3 below. … Continue reading 11 Seattle Things To Do By Public Transit

Gibraltar, British Overseas Territory

Best Season to Visit: Anytime outside of Jan/Feb which are the wetter months. Weather: Dubbed as Britain in the sun, Gibraltar sees a mild Mediterranean climate all year round. We just visited in February when it was a bit chilly at 12C minimum but touched highs of 18C. Summers see temperatures hit 28-30C Reasons to … Continue reading Gibraltar, British Overseas Territory

Switzerland Transportation Guide

Switzerland is truly the most breathtaking of countries. In my opinion, the Swiss are some of the world's smartest people. The union of the 2 facts implies that most of Switzerland is highly accessible by public transit, including some engineering marvels. Every time we look back at our pictures, all we want to do is hop back … Continue reading Switzerland Transportation Guide

USA Transportation Guide

USA is a massive country and for the most part, knowing how to drive helps immensely in getting around. However, a big part of the country can be seen without knowing how to drive, but may need some upfront planning. Flying is the most common way to see the country. Buses and especially trains are … Continue reading USA Transportation Guide

Public Transit Guide : Edinburgh

Edinburgh has an excellent public transit setup that is dominated by buses. This guide is aimed at helping you get to the most popular attractions via local bus which is much cheaper than the hop-on/hop-off buses. The Sunday frequency of local buses is pretty bad so it might still be worth getting on the hop-on/hop-off … Continue reading Public Transit Guide : Edinburgh