The Eilean Donan Castle near Kyle of Lochalsh, Scotland

8 Scotland castles reachable by public transport

Continuing the theme of summarizing Scottish travel nuggets into practical posts (see list at the end of this post), here's a list of 8 Scottish Castles reachable by public transport. No car needed for any of these and the list will be a mix of city castles (frequent connections) and remote-ish castles (infrequent connections). Scotland … Continue reading 8 Scotland castles reachable by public transport

First Blogversary: Travel Blogging Lessons Learnt

Its Jan 20, 2017. Probably a big day in the history of the world with the 45th Potus being inaugurated but definitely a big day for our blog as its been a year since we put our blog out there with a small number of posts. We have learnt a lot of lessons through the … Continue reading First Blogversary: Travel Blogging Lessons Learnt

Isle of Arran, Scotland

Best Time to Visit: Summer In the middle of our recent 4 day holiday to Isle of Arran, Yoda said "This is a nice honeymoon destination, isn't it?" She is quite right, it had all the perfect elements for a romantic getaway or even a honeymoon. Arran is so good that we rue the fact that … Continue reading Isle of Arran, Scotland

Lake Geneva Attractions (by Public Transit)

Geneva is an entry point for many Switzerland tourists & offers a variety of attractions in the city itself & around the banks of Lake Geneva. Here is a list of places we've been to that can easily make up a 3 day trip. Just like the rest of Switzerland, all these places are easy to … Continue reading Lake Geneva Attractions (by Public Transit)

Edinburgh, Scotland

Best Season to Visit: Spring / Summer. Reasons to Visit Exploring Scotland: Though Edinburgh is a wonderful and historic city, a trip to Scotland cannot be complete without getting out into one of the islands or the Scottish highlands. EDI airport is well-connected to many European cities and Edinburgh Waverly has excellent rail links to … Continue reading Edinburgh, Scotland