A day in Cologne, Germany

We were in Germany for a city break mostly based in Dusseldorf and visited the city of Cologne on a daytrip. Here are our highlights of the city (feat. beer, an awe-inspiring cathedral and more). The cathedral - a must visit Right across the Köln Central station is one of the world's best examples of … Continue reading A day in Cologne, Germany

A weekend in Rome, Italy – Sunshine, food & history galore

It will be a challenge to condense our long weekend in Rome, our first time visiting Italy, in one post. It was quite a change from the prior weekend spent in central Switzerland during our #monthoftravel. We enjoyed this city absolutely crammed with millennia of history in very sunny weather (finally). No matter how many pictures … Continue reading A weekend in Rome, Italy – Sunshine, food & history galore

Meteor Shower Experience & Worcester, England

The Northern Hemisphere is currently placed in a prime position to view a major meteor shower. Taking advantage of this, we went camping last night to see the stars, some meteors flying by & ultimately sleep under the stars. If you are in the Northern Hemisphere & are forecast a clear night (England has such a forecast), … Continue reading Meteor Shower Experience & Worcester, England

Barcelona & Girona, Spain

Best time to visit: Summer & surprisingly spring (we visited in Feb). Reasons to visit: Catch up culturally: The whole region is a cultural hub with the Dali Museum in Figueres & the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona being the most famous examples. Salvador Dali is one of the most famous painters that ever existed to seeing to … Continue reading Barcelona & Girona, Spain

Lake Geneva Attractions (by Public Transit)

Geneva is an entry point for many Switzerland tourists & offers a variety of attractions in the city itself & around the banks of Lake Geneva. Here is a list of places we've been to that can easily make up a 3 day trip. Just like the rest of Switzerland, all these places are easy to … Continue reading Lake Geneva Attractions (by Public Transit)