Philippines Day 1: Travelling to Manila

Day 1 Destination Manila, the capital city of the Philippines. We flew Oman Air from London Heathrow via Muscat and our definition of a day is a block of 24 hours as we saw 3 timezones in quick succession. Very few pictures as the day was spent transiting. Lessons Learnt Oman Air economy class is … Continue reading Philippines Day 1: Travelling to Manila

UK Transportation Guide

UK is moderately large in area by European country standards and public transportation can help one reach even some of the most remote areas. Driving is a great option too, as long as you remember to "Keep Left" (right hand drive, different from mainland Europe & US).ย The downside of UK transportation is that it's more … Continue reading UK Transportation Guide

USA Transportation Guide

USA is a massive country and for the most part, knowing how to drive helps immensely in getting around. However, a big part of the country can be seen without knowing how to drive, but may need some upfront planning. Flying is the most common way to see the country. Buses and especially trains are … Continue reading USA Transportation Guide