Gainesville (FL), USA

Best time to visit: College football season during a game (Sept - Dec) or Spring. Reasons to visit Alligators & North Florida natural beauty: Gainesville is home to thousands of students each year and many more visitors (parents or football visitors). Many of them have not visited the amazing parks / reserves in Alachua county … Continue reading Gainesville (FL), USA

A fun day at Universal Orlando

This is another throwback post, this time to our anniversary that was spent in Florida. We spent a day at Universal Islands of Adventure, Orlando (not to be confused with Universal Studios next door). It was a colorful (or more correclty, colourful) day spent in one of the most visited theme parks in the world. … Continue reading A fun day at Universal Orlando

That time when you threw up on a boat in Florida

Dear Reader, Long time no sea. No, seriously. It has been ages since Yoda and Dalek have ventured to the warm sands and blue waters. Now that autumn is slowly taking over and painting the town orange, I, as a wise being, can only reminisce about careless days spent in the sun during our visit … Continue reading That time when you threw up on a boat in Florida

Key West, USA

Best Time to Visit: Summer, duh. Reasons to Visit: Sun, Sand & Sea: The Florida Keys (named so because they are a coral cay archipelago) are home to some of the best beaches not only in Florida but in the continental USA. Key West is the largest town at the very south an indeed has the Southernmost point … Continue reading Key West, USA