Cebu foodie day & flying back home (Philippines Day 9 & 10)

Our Cebu foodie day (Day 9) We had a flight from Cebu to Manila in the evening & a checkout lined up at 11 AM. Because of our luggage, we didn't really sightsee but finally did you other favourite thing i.e. Eat!! We generally spend a lot of time eating during our travels but Philippines … Continue reading Cebu foodie day & flying back home (Philippines Day 9 & 10)

Kolkata, India – A locals guide

Best time to visit: December - February (Indian winter after the rain's stopped) This post is closer to our hearts than the others because Yoda lived in Kolkata for many years & Dalek spent many a holiday in the city. So we decided to make it our 1st post for 2017. Also, as India got … Continue reading Kolkata, India – A locals guide