A relaxing & romantic holiday in the Outer Hebrides without a car

Thanks to an excellent local bus service and knowledgable tour guides, we were able to spend a wonderful holiday on the Outer Hebrides without renting a car. This post has all the details with some photographs one can only take on these remote Scottish islands.

A lovely summer daytrip around the Isle of Harris, Scotland

An absolutely spectacular daytrip around the Isle of Harris with a local tour operator covering the best beaches, an introduction to Harris Tweed and a drive down Bays Road and its gorgeous landscapes

Our rendezvous with the past and present of Harris Tweed on the Outer Hebrides

We got an exclusive look and a greater appreciation of one of Scotland's most famous products - Harris Tweed. See what we learnt about the traditions of the fabric through the work of two people highly regarded in the industry

24 hours in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland by public transport (Day 17)

Continuing from the previous post, I had planned to set sail for the Outer Hebrides to spend an entire week beach-combing across Harris and the Uists before sailing back to Oban. However, after a few hours, the weather turned to become very wet, windy & miserable. So I had to turn back after a very … Continue reading 24 hours in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland by public transport (Day 17)