The most famous cottage in England

Cotswolds day trip – see England’s iconic villages

The Cotswolds is a region of England marked as an AONB (Area of Outstanding National Beauty) and is within a stone's throw of where we live. But as we can't drive, we weren't able to visit the area till this summer where we decided to take a daytrip with the tour company Go Cotswolds. We'll … Continue reading Cotswolds day trip – see England’s iconic villages

Champagne Lahaye Berthelot

The Champagne region of France – our top experience

Seeing a local Champagne house in France was a top travel experience for us ❤ Here is our experience of seeing how Lahaye Berthelot champagnes our made (our new fave)

That time you almost caught a thief

Dear Reader, My mum and dad have come to spend late summer with us, and it's been...surprisingly interesting. The thing is, when you live with your parents for an extended period of time after a few years of living by yourself, you notice some changes. The most obvious one is their sorted sleeping schedule. The … Continue reading That time you almost caught a thief

Parents looking over Lake Geneva from Caux

Travelling with Parents – Useful Tips

We recently travelled with one set of parents throughout Europe and have collated our trips and learnings from our experience.

First Blogversary: Travel Blogging Lessons Learnt

Its Jan 20, 2017. Probably a big day in the history of the world with the 45th Potus being inaugurated but definitely a big day for our blog as its been a year since we put our blog out there with a small number of posts. We have learnt a lot of lessons through the … Continue reading First Blogversary: Travel Blogging Lessons Learnt

Katara’s Trip to the Philippines

First guest post! Katara, our dearest friend, flew all the way from Singapore to meet us in Philippines during the last leg of our trip. Being the awesome person that she is, she brought lots of delicious snacks, extra earrings and her signature sense of humour with her. All the memories we have of Philippines … Continue reading Katara’s Trip to the Philippines