1580 Restaurant review & Birmingham blogger meetup

A couple of weeks back, the Birmingham (our home city in the UK) blogger community was invited to the launch event of a new Indian restaurant called 1580. Birmingham has a thriving blogger community (Facebook, Twitter) and they organize meetups once in a while to come together and have a friendly chat. It was our first … Continue reading 1580 Restaurant review & Birmingham blogger meetup

Kolkata, India – A locals guide

Best time to visit: December - February (Indian winter after the rain's stopped) This post is closer to our hearts than the others because Yoda lived in Kolkata for many years & Dalek spent many a holiday in the city. So we decided to make it our 1st post for 2017. Also, as India got … Continue reading Kolkata, India – A locals guide

London, England : Food & Drink

Click here to read the London Attractions blog post. Similar to Paris and other major capital cities, London has 10,000+ restaurants to choose from. However, unlike Paris, food in central London is pretty expensive. Our recommendations below focus on being affordable (£10 per person or less) while exploring the cultural breadth of cuisines on offer. Cocktails … Continue reading London, England : Food & Drink