Top restaurants in European cities (ranked by Yolek) – Part 1

Caveat emptor: This is a list compiled from our travels around Europe which are not comprehensive by any means. However, we have come across some absolute gems across our travel and want to share these with you. Picked on the basis of the taste and are mostly non-fancy places (and can be a dessert place … Continue reading Top restaurants in European cities (ranked by Yolek) – Part 1

London, England : Attractions

London is one of the world's most popular cities for travellers to visit clocking in around 20 million visitors in 2017. It is an even more attractive destination to visit after the Sterling took a 'pound'ing making a travellers money go farther than before. Being the megalopolis that London is (which we have visited too … Continue reading London, England : Attractions

London, England : Food & Drink

Click here to read the London Attractions blog post. Similar to Paris and other major capital cities, London has 10,000+ restaurants to choose from. However, unlike Paris, food in central London is pretty expensive. Our recommendations below focus on being affordable (£10 per person or less) while exploring the cultural breadth of cuisines on offer. Cocktails … Continue reading London, England : Food & Drink

UK Transportation Guide

UK is moderately large in area by European country standards and public transportation can help one reach even some of the most remote areas. Driving is a great option too, as long as you remember to "Keep Left" (right hand drive, different from mainland Europe & US). The downside of UK transportation is that it's more … Continue reading UK Transportation Guide