Visit Torridon Northwest Scotland by Public Transport*

Best time to visit: Summer or any dry day really. Reasons to visit Best scenery in Scotland**: Let's try to put things in perspective. The Isle of Skye is magnificent, its home to some jaw-dropping scenery. However, when I reached Torridon, my first thought way "Wow, is this really better than Skye? Maybe it is". … Continue reading Visit Torridon Northwest Scotland by Public Transport*

Travelling to Torridon Scotland (Day 11)

Date: 8th July, 2016 Day 11 Destination: Spent the day travelling from Aberlour in Northeast Scotland to the village of Torridon in Northwest Scotland. Decided to head for Torridon on super-short notice (woke up & decided to go to Torridon) but I was really excited as I'd read some great things about NW Scotland. Day … Continue reading Travelling to Torridon Scotland (Day 11)

Around Speyside Distilleries in a day – Part 2 (Day 10)

Continued from Part 1, main post here. Travel Map Lessons Learnt Many parts of Scotland are poorly connected: I left off the previous post having got on a bus chock full of ladies & shopping bags. It was surprising as I had taken the same bus completely empty a few hours back. The passengers all … Continue reading Around Speyside Distilleries in a day – Part 2 (Day 10)

Switzerland Transportation Guide

Switzerland is truly the most breathtaking of countries. In my opinion, the Swiss are some of the world's smartest people. The union of the 2 facts implies that most of Switzerland is highly accessible by public transit, including some engineering marvels. Every time we look back at our pictures, all we want to do is hop back … Continue reading Switzerland Transportation Guide