Second Blogversary: Annual summary & more travel blog tips

It's 20th January 2018 - our blog turns 2 today!! 🎉🎈 This is the perfect time to write a new post after 2 months of hibernation. 2017 was a great year for the blog and most of the learnings we put up on our first blogversary post remain the most important for new travel bloggers. Hence, we'll … Continue reading Second Blogversary: Annual summary & more travel blog tips

The 20 year old umbrella

My father has always preferred to keep things around. When we were growing up, he insisted on fixing broken things, even if it meant spending more than its original price on repairs in the long run. Our school shoes, for example, were sent off to the local cobbler every time the strap broke or the … Continue reading The 20 year old umbrella

Day 12: A Breathtaking Torridon Hike

Day 12 Destination My most ambitious hike for the entire trip saw me walking a shade over 20 KM to traverse the drop-dead gorgeous hike of Coire Mhic Fhearchair (which I've already waxed about in our main post). The day's sights, sounds and feelings make up the most of this post. Day 12 Travel Map Day 12 … Continue reading Day 12: A Breathtaking Torridon Hike

Travelling to Torridon Scotland (Day 11)

Date: 8th July, 2016 Day 11 Destination: Spent the day travelling from Aberlour in Northeast Scotland to the village of Torridon in Northwest Scotland. Decided to head for Torridon on super-short notice (woke up & decided to go to Torridon) but I was really excited as I'd read some great things about NW Scotland. Day … Continue reading Travelling to Torridon Scotland (Day 11)

Around Speyside Distilleries in a day – Part 2 (Day 10)

Continued from Part 1, main post here. Travel Map Lessons Learnt Many parts of Scotland are poorly connected: I left off the previous post having got on a bus chock full of ladies & shopping bags. It was surprising as I had taken the same bus completely empty a few hours back. The passengers all … Continue reading Around Speyside Distilleries in a day – Part 2 (Day 10)

Around Speyside Distilleries in a day – Part 1 (Day 10)

Note: Had to break this day's personal experiences up into two parts due to high word count. The 2 halves of my day were contrasting experiences so it shouldn't be awkward to read. If you just want Speyside travel, distillery & public transport details, go here to read my main regional writeup. Date: July 7th, … Continue reading Around Speyside Distilleries in a day – Part 1 (Day 10)

Scotland Crossing #2 (Day 9)

Date: July 6th Day 9 Destination: Aberlour, the home to whisky of the same name as well as Scotland's favourite biscuit, Walker's Shortbread. As mentioned in the previous post, I headed to the North-East of Scotland from the South-West as the weather there had gone bad. Day 9 Travel Map Day 9 Costs: £3 (Luss-Balloch … Continue reading Scotland Crossing #2 (Day 9)

Day 8: Around Loch Lomond in a day

Date: July 5th Day 8 Destination: Walked around Luss on the western bank of Loch Lomond in the morning before taking a water bus to the western bank & doing the Conic Hill hike. Was back in the campsite by early evening for laundry 🙂 Will share pics not already shared in the main post along … Continue reading Day 8: Around Loch Lomond in a day

Day 7 : Scotland Crossing #1

Date: July 4th aka 🇺🇸 (it was nice to be on holiday this side of the pond) Day 7 Destination: The village of Luss on the western banks of Loch Lomond. For the purposes of this series of writeups, I shall refer to chaging direction of travel to go to a different part of Scotland as … Continue reading Day 7 : Scotland Crossing #1

Day 6: A gentle Scottish walk to remember

Date: 3rd July 2016 Day 6 Destination: By this time, my 1st time camper compatriots were comfortable enough to take a long walk from Newtonmore to Kingussie via a classic Highland trail & a loch. Day 6 Travel Map Costs: £2.50 (taxi split) + £5 (fish & chips) + £6 (tent pitch) = £13.50 ($18) Lessons … Continue reading Day 6: A gentle Scottish walk to remember