Day 5: Exploring Cairngorms National Park by Public Transit

Date: 2nd July 2016 Day 5 Destination: See some more of the Northwest part of the Cairngorms National Park including it's main city Aviemore & the town of Grantown-on-Spey Day 5 Travel Map Costs: £5.5 (Aviemore train) + £6 (return bus ticket Aviemore - Grantown) + £5 (Brewery tour) + £4 (breakfast/brunch) + £6 (tent) … Continue reading Day 5: Exploring Cairngorms National Park by Public Transit

Day 4: Finally entering Scotland (Cairngorms National Park)

Date: 1st July 2016 Day 4 Destination: Spey Bridge campsite, Newtonmore on the western edge of the Cairngorms National Park (was supposed to be Galloway Forest Park). My 1st Scotland destination of many. Day 4 Travel Map Costs: £179.70 (Spirit of Scotland 15 day pass) + £14.50 (WDM-GLC trail tix) + £13.16 (4x Boots meal deals) + … Continue reading Day 4: Finally entering Scotland (Cairngorms National Park)

Visiting Perthshire, Scotland – Part 2 (Pitlochry & Aberfeldy)

This blog post will cover 2 of the larger towns of Perthshire quite famous for their whisky & are quite easy to reach via public transit, Pitlochry & Aberfeldy. Visiting these towns make up the perfect day trip which include delightful walks, rivers, waterfalls, trees, icrecream & whisky (of course). Read Part 1 that covers Loch … Continue reading Visiting Perthshire, Scotland – Part 2 (Pitlochry & Aberfeldy)

Visiting Perthshire, Scotland – Part 1

Location: Perthshire is the region of central Scotland where the Highlands meet the Lowlands. Due to this reason, the region offers the best of both worlds. Pitlochry is the largest town in this region. This writeup will focus on a couple of places west of Pitlochry but does not include the town itself (read Part … Continue reading Visiting Perthshire, Scotland – Part 1

Isle of Arran, Scotland

Best Time to Visit: Summer In the middle of our recent 4 day holiday to Isle of Arran, Yoda said "This is a nice honeymoon destination, isn't it?" She is quite right, it had all the perfect elements for a romantic getaway or even a honeymoon. Arran is so good that we rue the fact that … Continue reading Isle of Arran, Scotland

Best of Scotland in 1 Week

Scotland is a ruggedly beautiful country that attracts tourists from around the world. We provide a sample week long itinerary based mostly on public transit to help you see the best of Scotland.

UK Transportation Guide

UK is moderately large in area by European country standards and public transportation can help one reach even some of the most remote areas. Driving is a great option too, as long as you remember to "Keep Left" (right hand drive, different from mainland Europe & US). The downside of UK transportation is that it's more … Continue reading UK Transportation Guide


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Edinburgh, Scotland

Best Season to Visit: Spring / Summer. Reasons to Visit Exploring Scotland: Though Edinburgh is a wonderful and historic city, a trip to Scotland cannot be complete without getting out into one of the islands or the Scottish highlands. EDI airport is well-connected to many European cities and Edinburgh Waverly has excellent rail links to … Continue reading Edinburgh, Scotland