Day 12: A Breathtaking Torridon Hike

Day 12 Destination My most ambitious hike for the entire trip saw me walking a shade over 20 KM to traverse the drop-dead gorgeous hike of Coire Mhic Fhearchair (which I've already waxed about in our main post). The day's sights, sounds and feelings make up the most of this post. Day 12 Travel Map Day 12 … Continue reading Day 12: A Breathtaking Torridon Hike

Travelling to Torridon Scotland (Day 11)

Date: 8th July, 2016 Day 11 Destination: Spent the day travelling from Aberlour in Northeast Scotland to the village of Torridon in Northwest Scotland. Decided to head for Torridon on super-short notice (woke up & decided to go to Torridon) but I was really excited as I'd read some great things about NW Scotland. Day … Continue reading Travelling to Torridon Scotland (Day 11)