Kolkata Public Transit Guide

Travelling within most major Indian cities is difficult if you are not local to that city & Kolkata is not an exception. Infact with the multitude of public transit options in Kolkata, there is a higher chance of getting confused on how to get around. But if you know your way around the options available … Continue reading Kolkata Public Transit Guide

Public Transit Guide : Zurich

Zurich has one of the best public transit systems in Europe. It's extremely dense in the city centre but also allows easy access to peripheral areas. For short distance travel in the city centre, trams are your best option. For longer journeys, buses and S-Bahn should suffice. A central zone ticket costs 8.60 CHF and can be … Continue reading Public Transit Guide : Zurich

Public Transit Guide : Edinburgh

Edinburgh has an excellent public transit setup that is dominated by buses. This guide is aimed at helping you get to the most popular attractions via local bus which is much cheaper than the hop-on/hop-off buses. The Sunday frequency of local buses is pretty bad so it might still be worth getting on the hop-on/hop-off … Continue reading Public Transit Guide : Edinburgh