The 20 year old umbrella

My father has always preferred to keep things around. When we were growing up, he insisted on fixing broken things, even if it meant spending more than its original price on repairs in the long run. Our school shoes, for example, were sent off to the local cobbler every time the strap broke or the … Continue reading The 20 year old umbrella

That time you almost caught a thief

Dear Reader, My mum and dad have come to spend late summer with us, and it's been...surprisingly interesting. The thing is, when you live with your parents for an extended period of time after a few years of living by yourself, you notice some changes. The most obvious one is their sorted sleeping schedule. The … Continue reading That time you almost caught a thief

Parents looking over Lake Geneva from Caux

Travelling with Parents – Useful Tips

We recently travelled with one set of parents throughout Europe and have collated our trips and learnings from our experience.

Inverness Highland Games (Day 19)

Immediately after getting soaked in Stornoway, Isle of Lewis, I took a very rocky ferry for 2.5 hours to reach Ullapool in the mainland. I knew I wanted to reach Orkney as soon as possible but because of the way public transport in Scotland works, I'd have to get to Inverness first. It was a … Continue reading Inverness Highland Games (Day 19)

The other side of Bohol, Philippines

Dear Reader, This is going to be an emotional, somewhat rambly post, possibly depressing. But this experience has affected me deeply, so please bear with me as I come to terms with it in the only way I know how: by writing about it. As many of you know, we visited Bohol on Day 7 … Continue reading The other side of Bohol, Philippines

Our travel summary of 2016

Tis the season for looking back at 2016 and recounting the best (and worst) of our travel experiences across the year. As we're in our 1st year of blogging & haven't written a similar post before, we are going to report categories and numbers that are generally interesting. We've picked experiences that have broadened our … Continue reading Our travel summary of 2016