Spirit of Speyside whisky festival by public transport – 2018 edition

5 distilleries, 5 charming towns, 4 whisky bars and more than 2 dozen Speyside drams within the space of 48 hours - Dalek's first whisky festival without a car was a resounding success. Experience Scotland and its most famous whisky producing region at the Spirit of Speyside festival with our travel tips. #whiskyporn

A relaxing & romantic holiday in the Outer Hebrides without a car

Thanks to an excellent local bus service and knowledgable tour guides, we were able to spend a wonderful holiday on the Outer Hebrides without renting a car. This post has all the details with some photographs one can only take on these remote Scottish islands.

Glenlivet Open Day 2018 @ the Spirit of Speyside festival

A tasting led by Glenlivet's master distiller, a fantastic food pairing packed with flavour and a jaunt up a hill on an 8-wheeler are some of the fantastic highlights of Glenlivet's Open Day 2018 (part of the Spirit of Speyside whisky festival) that we describe in this post.

Scotland travel tips (Ayrshire, Glencoe, Carrbridge) – Part 1

Summarized and unblogged travel tips from our past Scotland travels by public transport. This post covers Glencoe, Carrbridge and South Ayrshire.

A lovely summer daytrip around the Isle of Harris, Scotland

An absolutely spectacular daytrip around the Isle of Harris with a local tour operator covering the best beaches, an introduction to Harris Tweed and a drive down Bays Road and its gorgeous landscapes

Our rendezvous with the past and present of Harris Tweed on the Outer Hebrides

We got an exclusive look and a greater appreciation of one of Scotland's most famous products - Harris Tweed. See what we learnt about the traditions of the fabric through the work of two people highly regarded in the industry

Backpacking around Scotland without a car – My firsthand experience

My name is Anirudh and I'm one of the VisitScotland Community Ambassadors (Horizons@ on the VisitScotland iKnow community forum). I've lived and worked in Edinburgh, Scotland for 3.5 years now and I have done all of my travel around Scotland by public transport. My single longest trip across the country was an epic 4-week camping … Continue reading Backpacking around Scotland without a car – My firsthand experience

The perfect Isle of Skye daytrip + a big announcement

There have been four Isle of Skye trips made by the Yolek household during the 3.5 years we have been in the UK. Skye's natural beauty, evidenced by our previous two posts here and here, warrant an annual visit. Being public-transport travellers can be an impediment to enjoying Skye and our secret to a successful … Continue reading The perfect Isle of Skye daytrip + a big announcement

Visiting Perthshire, Scotland – Part 2 (Pitlochry & Aberfeldy)

This blog post will cover 2 of the larger towns of Perthshire quite famous for their whisky & are quite easy to reach via public transit, Pitlochry & Aberfeldy. Visiting these towns make up the perfect day trip which include delightful walks, rivers, waterfalls, trees, icrecream & whisky (of course). Read Part 1 that covers Loch … Continue reading Visiting Perthshire, Scotland – Part 2 (Pitlochry & Aberfeldy)

Visiting Perthshire, Scotland – Part 1

Location: Perthshire is the region of central Scotland where the Highlands meet the Lowlands. Due to this reason, the region offers the best of both worlds. Pitlochry is the largest town in this region. This writeup will focus on a couple of places west of Pitlochry but does not include the town itself (read Part … Continue reading Visiting Perthshire, Scotland – Part 1