Zurich Card itinerary: Fun excursions in Switzerland’s largest city

Today (the 1st of August) is Switzerland Day!! 🇨🇭 It is one of our favourite countries in the world and there is no better time to write a post about the Zurich's very own multi-modal public transport card. The local tourism board was gracious in providing us with a 72-hour Zürich Card this May. This post … Continue reading Zurich Card itinerary: Fun excursions in Switzerland’s largest city


Public Transit Guide : Zurich

Zurich has one of the best public transit systems in Europe. It's extremely dense in the city centre but also allows easy access to peripheral areas. For short distance travel in the city centre, trams are your best option. For longer journeys, buses and S-Bahn should suffice. A central zone ticket costs 8.60 CHF and can be … Continue reading Public Transit Guide : Zurich

Zurich, Switzerland

Best Season to Visit: Summer / Winter Weather: I can personally only speak about a couple of days of winter weather. It was chilly yet sunny and actually touched 12C just before Christmas so we were quite happy. Slightly on the windy size, especially on the shores of Lake Zurich. July gets up to 24C … Continue reading Zurich, Switzerland